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The hip hog is a species in the Jak and Daxter universe. There was only one known hip hog in the series, featured in The Precursor Legacy named Farthy, who was Boggy Billy's pet. However, a blow-up sign of a hip hog was also featured in Jak II at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. Its physical characteristics, along with its name, would imply that it is a mix of a hippo and a hog, having the overall shape of a hippo, but the size, characteristics, and behavior of a hog. They are orange and green, with large nostrils and big bucked teeth protruding from their mouth. They appear to have a particular liking to a mushroom-type plant, which Jak defended in the mission "Protect Farthy's snacks" in order to lure Farthy back. Farthy wore a hat and appeared to behave like a pet dog towards Boggy Billy, but other than that exhibited little to no intelligence whatsoever.


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