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The hip hog is a species in the Jak and Daxter universe. There was only one known hip hog in the series, featured in The Precursor Legacy named Farthy, who was Boggy Billy's pet. However, a blow-up sign of a hip hog was also featured in Jak II at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon.

Farthy concept art

Concept art of Farthy.

Its physical characteristics, along with its name, would imply that it is a mix of a hippo and a hog, having the overall shape of a hippo, but the size, characteristics, and behavior of a hog. They are orange and green, with large nostrils and big bucked teeth protruding from their mouth. They appear to have a particular liking to a mushroom-type plant, which Jak defended in the mission "Protect Farthy's snacks" in order to lure Farthy back. Farthy wore a hat and appeared to behave like a pet dog towards Boggy Billy, but other than that exhibited little to no intelligence whatsoever.