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The Hip Hog Heaven Saloon was the name of an establishment which now takes the name of the Naughty Ottsel. It was a bar located in the Port of Haven City featured in Jak II and made a cameo appearance towards the end of Daxter. It was named after the hip hog, which is also the species of the large creature seen on the building's front entrance

It was owned and operated by Krew, and according to Sig, the interior's decor of metal head trophies helped attract its customers, a signature part of the bar. In the center of the main room was what appeared to be a wrestling ring, attributed to Krew's early wrestling days. The ring itself appeared to have been made into an arena for other purposes with a pole placed in the center. In the back of the building was the main bar, behind which various beverages were served and inventory was stored. Along the walls are booths that can seat ideally four people each.

Jak visited the saloon to receive missions from Krew and Sig, and once traveled to the pumping station with Sig to collect metal head trophies for the bar. He also received information from Tess various times as she was working undercover as a spy for the Underground. Following Krew's death, Daxter reclaimed the bar for himself and re-branded it the Naughty Ottsel. It currently still exists as an establishment in the city.

Being located in the Port, the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon appeared to be the subject of scrutiny from Baron Praxis' forces, with Krew complaining about the Krimzon Guard notifying him of health violations and back taxes. The Baron also deployed security monitors, protected by mines all across the bay, which made Krew feel uneasy (he hired Jak to destroy them in the mission "Destroy cargo in Port").


  • The saloon was insinuated to also serve as a cabaret, with posters of exotic dancers around and inside of the establishment, and a pole in the center of the room. Such activities never took place in game, therefore it is unknown whether or not this was simply a marketing program by Krew. It is also worth noting that the posters of said dancers appear in other parts of the city too.
  • If you walk up to the mirror in the back of the room, Jak's reflection can be seen but with his Dark Jak horns, regardless of whether nor not he is channeling his dark form.



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