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Yeah, lightning moles... We care. Maybe for two power cells!

Herd the moles into their hole was a mission that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell in The Precursor Legacy. A group of lightning moles had been scared out of their underground home by a band of robbers, until Jak chased them back using the A-Grav Zoomer after a request from the Geologist.

It is temporarily named Return to the Geologist once you have herded all the moles into their home, but without having visited the Geologist for the reward. Upon giving up the power cell, the Geologist will state "now I can get back to my research." However, she remains at her camp indefinitely.


There are four red-colored lightning moles and a single mole hole that can be found in the first section of the Precursor Basin. The key is to position yourself behind a mole and subsequently away from their home. Slowly chase the mole and with a little luck they'll automatically retreat into their mole hole when close enough. Return to the Geologist to retrieve your power cell.