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The HellCat zoomer is a vehicle in Jak II. It is a light-weight, single-seated zoomer used by the Krimzon Guard while patrolling the streets of Haven City. HellCat zoomers were instituted by the Krimzon Guard in the events of Jak II and possibly before. They were used as patrolling vehicles which was an alternative to the much heavier duty HellCat cruiser.

Similar to normal zoomers, they could be hijacked by Jak, though it would set off an alarm, sending all other Krimzon Guard units after him. Occasionally, they may randomly be found parked and unguarded, and thus can be taken without trouble. During the metal head invasion, only HellCat zoomers are parked around the city, possibly suggesting the guards left them to battle on foot.



HellCat zoomer concept art

Concept art of a HellCat zoomer

A single-seated zoomer, has the typical KG crimson-red paint and KG logos. It has a circular belly in the back, a leather seat, and an automatic turret planted beneath the front side of the vehicle. It also has minor KG markings and armor. They are not much more durable than regular zoomers, their distinguishing features only being the different bodywork, paint and mounted weapon.

When Haven City is being attacked by Metal Heads in Jak II, Hellcat Zoomers were parked everywhere.[1]


Despite the appearance of the HellCat zoomer, it is actually not much superior to the standard one-seated zoomer, both armor and speed are more or less identical (one might say the added size makes it easier to be hit and slightly harder to control). The only substantial difference is the mounted blaster which does not actually aim, unlike the ones used by the guards during an alert. It is possible to angle the zoomer with the left analog stick so you can actually aim and fire, although this is only effective when not moving (meaning you are vulnerable to attack). The major downside is that the Morph Gun is unable for use as the mounted gun takes its place.