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The HellCat cruiser is a vehicle in Jak II and Jak 3. It was the primary police patrol vehicle for the Krimzon Guard during Jak II, and used as a fighter by the Freedom League in Jak 3.


During Jak II, they were a common sight, found patrolling the airways of Haven City.

During Jak 3, several were seen dogfighting in the skies around the Palace during the opening cutscene, wherein Torn and Ashelin also used one for recon during the battle, eventually using it to save Samos, Jak, and Daxter from the Palace after it began to collapse.

The next time it is seen is when Ashelin met Jak at the oasis in the Wasteland during the mission "Defend Ashelin at oasis". It is seen again and used Jak needed to break into the KG war factory in the mission "Destroy war factory defenses".

Next, it was seen during "Blow open tower door", in which Jak had to man the turret to protect Torn as he guided a bomb-loaded vehicle to the entrance of the Metal Head tower. It is lastly seen shortly thereafter, when Sig rescued Jak from the tower which would soon explode.



HellCat cruiser from Jak 3 render

The cruiser from Jak 3.

The HellCat is a large, triangular-shaped, heavy-duty zoomer. It has two accelerators in the back, with a rear-facing dual turret and a mounted blaster in the front. It has two available seats with a metal bar arching over the top separating each seat. In Jak II, it is painted a crimson-red (as with all Krimzon Guard gear). In Jak 3 it was re-skinned with a Freedom League blue. On either side of its delta-shaped wings is planted a logo respective to its faction (Krimzon Guard/Freedom League).


Despite the weight and bulk of the cruiser, it carries a considerable engine which can reach a very high top speed, it is however nearly completely useless due to the incredibly slow turning rate coupled with the width of the vehicle. Being forced to slow down for every corner is nearly always fatal in the narrow streets of Haven City. In addition, the incredible size of the vehicle also increases the chances of being hit even if one manages to narrowly avoid the buildings. The armor on the cruiser does diminish the damage somewhat but it does not significantly make up for it and neither does the standard mounted blaster, the turret on the back is unable for use in Jak II.

In Jak 3 the cruiser has seen drastic improvements to its performance. It has increased armor, a boost option to fly much faster, a much stronger upgraded blaster and a newly added bomb launcher. The blaster has a slight auto-targeting effect to it and has a better range, the bomb launcher fires a bomb ahead of the cruiser which explodes and destroys anything in a large transparent sphere around it. There are only ten bombs to use but they regenerate over time.

Aside from this it also has an incredible new turning rate with which makes flying around the crowded War Factory much easier, as it can now rotate on its axis, breaking its original planar restraint (turning hard left/hard right). The dual machine gun turret sees use as well, showing it is quite powerful and can even take blast bots down with relative ease.

Other appearancesEdit

Several HellCat cruisers make appearances in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The first is seen as Jak pilots it in his Arcade Mode story. Two to three can be seen flying in the air on the Black Rock Stadium stage by guards. Two are featured as Backgrounds, with a few more to be seen flying around in Jak's generic background.