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A health pack is an item featured in Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and The Lost Frontier. They are small cubes that contain potent amounts of green eco, capable of healing living beings (namely Jak and Daxter). They were found in crates in all games except Daxter, during which they were either found lying in wait, contained in vases and other containers, or dropped by metal bugs. Additionally, in Jak 3, they were also dropped by defeated enemies and could be found in vases, bags, and other containers.

The cubes are an invariably flat gray color, appearing to be made of metal, with neon green plus signs on each side of the cube except the bottom (although in Daxter the plus sign was also absent from the top). Upon being absorbed, a trail of green eco particles will follow the user, much like the appearance of green eco absorption in The Precursor Legacy. However, in Daxter, a health pack would instead leave a small green cloud.

Health packs in Daxter were considerably small, even in proportion to Daxter's size. In Jak II and Jak 3, the health packs were a medium size compared to Jak. In The Lost Frontier, they were considerably larger than those in previous games.

The amount of health points restored by health packs remained fixed at two in all games except The Lost Frontier, during which the potency could be increased with eco skill upgrades.

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