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Head to the palace is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After disabling the weapons control system, Jak must make his way to Aeropa's palace to confront Skyheed and stop him.


As the mission takes places directly after the previous one you will still be in the same area, as such, head through the only available door and then turn right after a cutscene. Here you must use your eco construct and eco rocket jump powers to reach a ledge, on top of which you can find a chest with the Precursor Battlegear inside. Use the construct power again to cross the gap behind the chest and reach a large room through a hole in the ceiling. Upon entry you will be thrust into a boss fight with the hyper mutant.

Hyper mutant boss fightEdit

The hyper mutant is an incredibly stronger version of the franken ape and thus has similar moves. He has a simple swipe attack with which he deals three hit points and a much more powerful smash attack which deals six points. You will want to avoid melee combat due to his sheer strength and durability, to add, it will also grow increasingly red during combat, which coincides with a drastic boost in speed. It is possible to somewhat counter this with eco reflexes, although this is very limited in effect as the ape possesses its own reflexes power, something it will use to counter your use of the power.

The easiest way to engage it is by either skill or relying on the eco shield, which is impenetrable and guarantees you an easy way to pummel the hyper mutant as much as possible. The Lobber, Blaster and eco amplifier are recommended, all the while using eco shield to gain time in which to damage him without fear of retribution. As half of its health has been depleted, it will destroy a nearby wall and retreat to an another area, where you must then follow. Be aware that you can replenish health and ammunition here, though you may consider saving some for later depending on your current status.

The next phase is largely similar except he will now repeatedly use his own reflexes and shield power, the former of which you can easily counter with your own, the latter of which you can simply wait out by dodging him. As before, stay away from him due to his powerful melee attacks as well as a new eco amplifier power localized to him only. Eventually he will go down, allowing you to continue to defeat Duke Skyheed.