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The Hammer Head is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is unlocked by completing the Red Eco Cup's Grand Prix, and is one of the first cars you will receive for the Green Eco Cup (along with the Street Grinder). This vehicle is used by Edje during the Green Eco Cup, and by Sig during the Green and Yellow Eco Cup, as well as in exhibition mode.


The Hammer Head is a very heavy-duty, high-up vehicle, with a thick steel chassis, fortified cabin armor, and an actual roof above the driver. Despite this superficial brawler appearance, its acceleration and control (responsiveness, stability, steering accuracy, etc.) is noticeably efficient, while its engine and armor are more similar to that of a strong all-rounder. Moreover, its average top speed is eclipsed by its turbo system, and while the turbo corresponds with a decline in control, this is mitigated by good powersliding capability. One less noticeable downside to the Hammer Head is that it is quite top heavy, and thus rather prone to rolling over in some of the more hilly arena tracks.