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The Gunship is a plane in The Lost Frontier. After the mission "Search research rig for Precursor facility", Jak could purchase the plane for 15,000 scrap from a pirate in the Phantom Blade's hangar.


The Gunship has a very odd profile, almost resembling a tank, having a very large and bulky design with a camo green color scheme with dull yellow accents. Its cockpit sits on top of a very tall and wide fuselage, with thick wings extending from the side, ending in two wing tips on each. It has two gun barrels on either wing, and a single gun barrel on either side of the fuselage.

In the ship customization menu, its silhouette is shared with the Jaguar, despite the latter having a different profile.


Gunship customization menu

The Gunship's customization menu.

The Gunship is arguably the strongest of Jak's planes. With the largest weapons load-out—up to five weapon slots on each wing—an additional three mod slots, a bonus ground attack rocket slot, plus some of the strongest armor, the Gunship serves its purpose well as a military tank capable of war.

Where it overachieves in brute force, however, it noticeably lacks in maneuverability and speed. While not the slowest of Jak's planes (being faster than the more tactical Bomber) it should not be used for time-sensitive missions or high-action dogfights. Instead it should be used in more punishing missions where durability and a high damage output is the main focus of the mission.