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The gun tower and its dark eco variant the missile tower are racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. When deployed, a turret will launch out of the back of your race car and remain stationary while firing upon nearby enemies, one at a time, for 30 seconds. The gun tower possesses a machine gun that is stronger than the submachine gun but weaker than the Vulcan Fury, while the missile tower launches targets very similar to the tracking missiles.

The gun tower has a short initial lock-on proximity, but once locked on it will stick to an enemy for a little longer distance excepting objects blocking the way, such as going over a hill, taking a corner, or hiding behind a structure. For this reason, placing the gun tower strategically is very important. You will want to place it in a corner facing a broad runway, as they can also very easily be destroyed by other weapons or by being crashed into (which deals no damage to a race car).

The case is very similar with the missile tower, though once the missiles are launched they have a lot longer range and versatility. The missiles are still susceptible to being deflected by other rear weapons, but somewhat compensate for it by its persistence and fast launch time once it locks on to a target. They also deliver incredible damage; one missile can actually hit harder than the standard tracking missile pair, and they can also effect considerable collateral damage.