Daxter logoJak II logoJak 3 logoThe guard script is a list of lines and short conversations from the Krimzon Guard in Jak II and Daxter as well as the Freedom League soldiers in Jak 3.

In several missions or locations, Jak and Daxter can listen in on the idle chatter of the Krimzon Guard. The precise wording varies slightly, as there are two versions of the dialogue, each with the other voice actor alternating lines. The lines are also randomized, so they will not follow in the exact order listed. These lines are different from the lines Jak can hear on the streets.

Generic script from the guards when on patrol, or fighting Jak has also been included for convenience. A couple of missions also have unique lines for the guards. Take care to note the exact condition of the usage of some of the generic lines appear to be rather ambiguous, some lines might actually be used for multiple situations while others remain unclear.

Also in Daxter, when Daxter is sneaking past the guards in the prison, he can hear the guards saying small things.

Jak IIEdit

On standbyEdit

  • Can I shoot someone now?
  • Let's get drinks later.
  • Hear someone's been using the old outer wall airlocks. Crazy bastard!
  • You've seen that new J-87 racer? Sweet ride!

  • I heard the Shadow's been dead for years.
  • Maybe, but the rest of them Underground scum are still scurryin' about.

  • I like the new armor!
  • Yeah, me too... more comfort in the crotch.

  • Next time can I kill a civvie?
  • If something interesting doesn't happen soon, I'm gonna shoot you.

  • I say death to the Underground.
  • I wanna kill that Shadow guy!
  • Don’t forget that traitor Torn.
  • Death’s too good for him.

  • I've got a big bet on the next city races.
  • Erol's my boy. He always wins.

  • I've been on duty for two days straight!
  • Don't complain, I've got sewer patrol next week.
  • Heheh, poor bastard. Which commander did you piss off? (or, "Ah, you poor bastard. Which commander did you piss off?.")

  • We ain't had a food riot since we brought in them tanks.
  • I'm bored. I wanna crunch heads.

  • Why are we lookin' for some kid?!
  • I dunno. Baron's orders?

  • You goin' to the city races this time?
  • I'll be there!

  • I got a bad feeling about this war.
  • Yeah, I hear there are more Metal Head attacks than HQ's admitting.
  • The reports I've seen aren’t good. I think the city's in trouble.

  • Have they found Mar's tomb yet?
  • They wouldn't tell us if they did.

  • Seen anything?
  • Nah.
  • Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Just got a radio warning. Stay frosty!

  • 'Ey, you guys hear about the latest Metal Head attacks?
  • Yeah, we lost 3 squads last week.

  • You collect your bribes this week?
  • Shhh!

  • You hear the Underground got to our ammo at HQ?
  • Payback's a bitch!
  • Animals!

  • It’s us or them! There's no in-between!
  • Don’t worry, the Baron will save us.
  • I ain't got no faith in nobody!

  • There've been some serious guard casualties this week.
  • Yeah, some rebel fighter’s stirring the pot good.
  • Oh, I’d love to be the one to take him out.

  • Never trust a civilian.
  • Never trust anyone.

  • I’m worried about his new guy fighting for the Underground.
  • They say he can change into some kind of monster!
  • Don’t worry. His head will be on the tower wall soon enough.

  • I hear the Underground's getting stronger.
  • Just rumors, private. Keep your mouth shut.

And lastly; If Jak is seen by a guard while they're on standby inside a location.

  • You're busted.

Make delivery to Hip Hog SaloonEdit

Lines used in the "Make delivery to Hip Hog Saloon" mission.

  • He's got a package!
  • Suspect has suspicious cargo!
  • He's got a cargo, move in!
  • We think it's an illegal shipment.
  • All units close in on vehicle!
  • Suspect in known Underground vehicle.
  • You're under arrest, pull over!
  • We're in pursuit.
  • We can't keep up!
  • Stop that vehicle!

Escort Kid to power stationEdit

Unique lines used when approaching, arresting the Kid or fighting Jak in the "Escort Kid to power station" mission.

  • The Baron wants every kid in the city arrested!
  • Give up the Kid!
  • You are under arrest!
  • Baron wants the Kid alive.
  • If they won't surrender; kill them all.
  • Surrender the child.
  • It's the Kid, check him out.
  • The Kid's with the Underground.
  • We need the Kid alive.
  • We should kill 'm all.
  • Don't kill the Kid.
  • Find the boy!
  • Don't move boy.
  • That could be the kid the Baron wants!

Get seal piece at Water SlumsEdit

Unique lines used in the "Get seal piece at Water Slums" mission.

  • Stay together!
  • He's trapped!
  • We got him!
  • We cut him off!
  • There is no escape!
  • Resistance is futile!
  • He's on the south path.
  • This is a raid, do not resist!
  • Surrender and you'll not suffer much.
  • Surrender or you'll suffer much worse.
  • We got an Underground fighter!
  • Give up the artifact, eco freak.
  • It's that Underground monster freak!
  • He's near the east hut, all units converge!
  • All units converge on Water Slums.
  • By order of Baron Praxis, everyone here is to be terminated!
  • Suspect cornered in section two.

Destroy ship at drill platformEdit

Unique lines used by the hover guards in the "Destroy ship at drill platform" mission.

  • I need cover fire!
  • Should have given up.
  • Unit zulu, moving in.

On patrolEdit

Lines used when on generic patrol around the city, while undisturbed.

  • This is unit alpha, we're on route.
  • Seal off the area.
  • This area's off-limits.
  • Patrolling sector nine.
  • Moving to next sector.
  • I've got suspicious activity in this sector.
  • This is a no-hover zone!
  • Nothing so far.
  • Please advise, suspect's description.
  • Sweeping for suspects.
  • Be advised I'm on foot.
  • Roger, continuing our sweep.
  • The area is secure.
  • Nothing to report.
  • Right, I'll check it out.
  • I hate the smell of this part of the city.
  • Stay low theory.

Vehicle chaseEdit

Lines used while chasing Jak while he is using a zoomer.

  • Move over!
  • Pull over!
  • Take him out!
  • Suspect in vehicle!
  • Stop the vehicle!
  • Get out of the vehicle!
  • Call in more HellCats!
  • Get more cruisers in here!
  • High-speed chase in sector four!
  • Suspect fleeing into sector five!
  • Suspect moving into sector six!

Foot chaseEdit

Lines used while chasing Jak while he is on foot.

  • Halt!
  • Surrender!
  • Do it!
  • Go go!
  • Slow down!
  • Don't move!
  • I'm on him!
  • Freeze!
  • Stop him!
  • After him!
  • Arrest him!
  • Suspect on foot.
  • Stop right there!
  • Pursuing target.
  • Call for backup!
  • Requesting backup!
  • I need backup.
  • Don't let him get away!

Losing JakEdit

Lines used if they are losing or have lost sight of Jak.

  • Where'd he go?
  • Lost visual contact.
  • He just ducked down!
  • We're losing him!
  • I lost him.
  • He's out of sight!
  • Suspect's out of sight.

Finding JakEdit

Lines used if they have found Jak again after losing sight of him.

  • I have a visual.
  • There he is, shoot him!
  • We see him!
  • I'm closing in!
  • I have a bead on him.
  • Be advised target in sight.
  • I've reacquired the target.
  • We have a positive I.D.

Being attackedEdit

Lines used if they are hit or being attacked by an enemy.

  • I'm hit!
  • We're under attack.
  • Alert, alert!
  • Man down!
  • We're taking heavy fire!
  • We're taking heavy casualties! Send in back up!
  • This guy knows how to fight!
  • We lost another squad!
  • We lost beta squad!
  • We need more men!
  • Call in reinforcements!

Attacking JakEdit

Lines used by the guards for attacking, going to attack or charging an enemy.

  • Hey!
  • Lock and load.
  • Close in!
  • Get some!
  • Get him!
  • Fire! FIRE!
  • Underground!
  • Bust some heads!
  • Burn him down!
  • Die abom!
  • Give it up abom!
  • Move in!
  • You're history!
  • Open fire!
  • Flank 'm!
  • Eat this!
  • Make 'm pay!
  • Payback time.
  • Here's some pain!
  • Here's one from the Guard!
  • If you get a clear shot, take it.
  • Do NOT retreat!
  • You are authorized to shoot to kill.
  • We do this the easy way or the hard way.

Fighting Dark JakEdit

Lines used if they are fighting Dark Jak.

  • Look out!
  • Fall back!
  • It's wasting everybody!
  • We can't kill it!
  • Stand your ground men.
  • The Krimzon Guard do not run!
  • Watch out for its claws!
  • Keep clear of its energy bolts!
  • What IS that thing?!
  • Shoot that thing! Shoot it!
  • What's he doing?!
  • It's that monster!
  • The stories are true!
  • It's the dark monster!
  • It's HIM!
  • It's the Dark Eco freak!
  • Kill it! Kill it!
  • Suspect has transformed into a creature of some kind.
  • Sure is ugly.
  • That's one ugly creature.

Killed JakEdit

Lines used if they managed to kill Jak.

  • Citizen scum.
  • Take him in for 'questioning'. Hahahahaha!
  • Tag him and bag him.
  • Didn't even work up a sweat.
  • This one was easy!
  • He wasn't a match for my gun.
  • Don't fight the law, son.
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • Suspect neutralized.
  • You have the right to die.

Jak 3Edit

The soldier script is a list of lines from the Freedom League soldiers in Jak 3.

Defend Port from attackEdit

When reaching the second wave with the two soldiers.

  • Hah, you're just in time for the party.

When reinforcements join you to fight against the second blast bot during the fourth wave.

  • Watch the blast bot!

On patrolEdit

Lines used when on generic patrol around the city, while undisturbed.

  • We need more men.
  • You think we got a chance?
  • Keep the faith, buddy.
  • Never thought I'd see you again.
  • Never thought we'd see you again.
  • Nice day... if you wanna die.
  • I've bagged (me) ten metal heads (this week). (Sometimes the script inside the parentheses is excluded)
  • The city's lost.
  • I miss the old Baron.
  • Stay sharp.
  • At least this part of the city's still in one piece.

Sometimes when you jump on top of a soldier

  • Stand back.
  • This ain't no place for a rat and his boy.
  • This is a combat zone kid, move along.
  • Get out of my patrol area.
  • If I were you, I'd go back to the desert.

In combatEdit

Lines used when in combat, fighting against either the KG Death Bots or the Metal Heads or Jak himself.

If hit by an attack.

  • I'm hit!
  • Cover me!
  • Help me!
  • No!
  • Look out!

If successfully hitting or killing a target.

  • Yeah, baby!
  • You're history, baby!
  • Nice shot.
  • Oh yeah!
  • I got one!

While in combat, usually when going to or attacking a target.

  • Move, move!
  • Take your stations!
  • Watch your target!
  • Get him!
  • Fire! Fire!
  • Open fire!
  • Go! Go!
  • Break him!
  • Take 'em all out!
  • We need back-up!
  • Incoming target!
  • For the Guard!
  • Shoot it, man!
  • Blow that sucker away!
  • It's a big attack!
  • Stand clear we got a job to do.
  • Out of my way, we've got a war to fight!
  • Shoot 'em all now, sort 'em out later!
  • Get those guns blazin'!
  • Can't hold 'em off forever!
  • I got a clear shot!
  • Get Torn on the line! We're in trouble!
  • Alert, alert, we're under attack!


On PatrolEdit

  • Where're the prisoners?
  • Ah, nothin' there.
  • You see something?

Sensing DaxterEdit

  • What was that!?
  • What are you talking about?

Killing DaxterEdit

  • Take that!

Follow that prison zoomer!Edit

(Comments made by the drivers of the prison zoomer during the "Follow that prison zoomer!" mission.)

  • What is he thinking?!
  • What is that?
  • Shoot the rat!

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