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The grunt elephant, also known as the ele-beast, is an enemy in Jak II. It is a large elephant-like metal head only seen in the Metal Head nest.


Grunt elephant concept art

Concept art of the grunt elephant.

The grunt elephant is one of the largest metal heads seen in the game—even larger than the metal head beast. It is heavily armored, with various bio-mechanical metal head traits, dark purple skin, multiple tubes running around its body, and a large skull gem on the hump of its back. It carries a large amount of electricity nodes which will dispense electricity bolts intermittently.


They do not appear to be hostile, but instead walk around slowly blocking pathways. They will dispense bolts of electricity around themselves, however, evasion is possible by simply moving away or going around.

They cannot be harmed by any of Jak's weapons. Even Dark Jak or the Peace Maker will not be able to damage it.

Metal Heads faction
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