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These crucible rockets ain't too quick, but boy do they pack a punch!

Daxter, The Lost Frontier

The ground attack rocket, also called the crucible heavy assault rocket, is an plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. Considered the least advanced among missile weapons, being unable to track targets entirely (though they will be fired towards an enemy if it is more or less in front of you), it does pack nearly the most punch, only standing below the Armageddon in direct damage output. It is also unique in that it cannot be equipped in any weapon slots, as such, it is not fired with L1 or L1 but rather with the Triangle face button.

It comes pre-equipped in a unique slot on the Sky Raider, Gunship, and Jaguar, and on three slots on the Bomber. The Jaguar is a notable exception however, as despite its single slot, it acts as if it has three, firing three rockets at the same time and with an ammo capacity of three.

Ground attack rocket icon

The ground attack rocket icon.

Despite the immense power output, which is quite amplified by the high rate of fire, it is throttled by a limited ammo capacity and reload speed. Nevertheless, it is an additional weapon available next to your personal chosen load-out and can become quite significant in hunting down slow or stationary enemies such as the Aeropan transport or ACS Behemoth.


Ground attack rocket render

The ground attack rocket's missile.

  • The ground attack rocket's missile itself is visually identical to the slow homing missile and the Armageddon's primary missile.

Locations and availabilityEdit

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Available by default on the Sky Raider, Bomber, Gunship, and Jaguar.
2 Available by default on the Sky Raider, Bomber, Gunship, and Jaguar.
3 Available by default on the Sky Raider, Bomber, Gunship, and Jaguar.
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