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The grenade launcher is a system of yellow eco racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing comprising the fragmentation grenades and its dark eco upgrade the skullsplitter grenades. This weapon launches an arc of three or five grenades (depending on the version) at a medium-range projection, causing enough damage when fired consecutively to destroy an opponent race car.

The grenade launcher tends to be ineffective at your immediate range, but has a slight auto-aiming capability at the lower end of medium range, being most useful as a means between the short-range submachine gun and the long-range tracking missiles. Despite the auto-aim, wreckless driving, indiscriminate aiming, or poorly-timed turbo boosting will cause this weapon to miss most of the time, as the grenades fire in one constant arc. The most useful tactic for firing this weapon is to either be patient until you can gain a vantage point specifically accounting for this weapon's projection, or fire predicatively in front of your target accounting for its speed.

However, this weapon is still mostly inferior to every other yellow weapon. Even accounting for the weapon's arc and slight auto aiming, if there is no immediate threat and if you're not particularly skilled or partial to the weapon, it should be wasted upon acquisition (though only if there is another yellow eco pick-up ahead).

Acquisition of this weapon is indicated by a simple grenade icon for the frag, and a split skull icon for the skullsplitter. The grenades themselves are simple red spheres with a dark band around them, leaving trails of either yellow or purple streaks depending on the weapon.


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