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The glacier troop is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy that operates the ice drillers (battering rams) at Snowy Mountain. They work as excavators, using the ice driller to forcefully break the ice encasing the Precursor drums for Gol Acheron and Maia Acheron. They only participate in combat after the small group of surrounding lurkers have been defeated. They appeared in the mission "Stop the 3 lurker glacier troops", in which Jak and Daxter had to defeat all three in order to obtain a power cell.


Ice driller render

The ice driller.

The glacier troop is one of the strongest non-boss enemies found in the game. They have special armor and weaponry, and are the leaders of the other lurkers seen on the mountain. They are large, thick lurkers, bearing the most resemblance to humans out of all lurkers, having a mobile head, and obtaining practical clothing, oppose to a collar and diaper which most lurkers have. They appear to have an orange complexion and other typical lurker traits such as the two pairs of spurs along their jawline and yellow eyes.


The glacier troop is a difficult enemy to defeat. It is only possible to destroy while channeling red eco, which allows you to destroy its shield (which can deflect all attacks). Then, while the lurker is distracted looking for its shield, you can defeat it with a single melee attack (Square or Circle).

It attacks by shooting a red substance, that slowly tracks Jak up until a certain distance. Whether or not it is eco, magic, or some other source is unclear.