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The ginsu, or roto blade, is an enemy in Jak II. It is a small insectoid metal head only seen at the drill platform in the missions "Destroy eggs at drill platform", and "Destroy ship at drill platform".


Ginsu concept art

Concept art of the ginsu.

The ginsu is a small metal head, having a thin body shaped like a spike (pointing downwards), a small head, with another spike on top. It uses a small pair of gossamer wings to hover slightly above ground. Its spinning blades bisecting its torso allows it not only to inflict damage but also move quickly around or even hover to higher areas to ambush enemies.

Unlike most metal heads who have either a dark blue or dark red complexion, the ginsu appears to only have an off-silver sheen to its plated armor (along with small dark gray tubing).


The ginsu tends to attack in swarms of other members of up to three to ten. It has merely one offensive attack which includes slicing its enemy with its constantly rotating blades, making it impossible to defeat with a melee attack. They will often hide in wait until an enemy is detected, where they will then ambush in large groups. If there is only a few ginsu, they will usually back up and stand idle until an enemy is close enough to attack with its blades.

Aforementioned, it is impossible to attack ginsu with a melee attack; this will only result in taking damage yourself. It is advised to either wait for large groups to assemble and take them out with a Scatter Gun blast, or single them out one by one with the long-range Blaster from a distance.