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The Gila Stomper is a buggy in Jak 3. It is unlocked upon completing the mission "Destroy eggs in nest",[1] in which Jak and Sig destroyed several advanced metal head eggs. Later they returned to find and destroy five large metal-pedes in the mission "Destroy metal-pedes in nest". Right after they used it again to chase down a large band of metal head beasts for an artifact in the mission "Chase down metal head beasts".

The Gila Stomper is the second largest of all the buggies second to the Slam Dozer. It is heavy-built with a large base frame and two hand rails with an auto-aiming machine gun (specifically a rear-mounted Stinger tri-barrel gatling gun)[2] which was of particular use in the mission "Destroy metal head beasts". Its frame is placed high on four thick wheels, giving it slow speed, low jump, and poor turbo, but is equipped with heavy armor.


  • The Gila Stomper can survive two Super Nova shots.


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