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Abblogo The Precursor Legacy
Abblogo The Precursor Legacy
Geyser Rock
J&D Geyser
EnemiesTest dummy
Ecoblue eco, green eco
Precursor Orbs50
Find the cell on the path
Open the Precursor door
Climb up the cliff
Free seven scout flies

Geyser Rock is a minor location in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It is a small island situated off the coast of Sandover Village, notable for its massive geysers. Free from any local Lurkers roaming around, Samos Hagai turned it into a training area. Sporting some test dummies and Precursor technology it was the first area where you played as Jak.


The Precursor Legacy

Geyser Rock, being completely uninhabited by large creatures, was used by Samos as a training ground for Jak, and has placed test dummies all over it. Before journeying to find Gol (so Jak could transform Daxter back into a "human"), they were sent to Geyser Rock to get some practice adventuring.



Geyser Rock is a tropical island located out to sea, near to Sandover Village, its giant geysers are clearly visible from the coast of the mainland. This level is the most single-track in the game and its path is shaped like a spiral leading to the top the uppermost cliff. Palm trees are scattered across the island and there are a few beaches also. Because of the geysers, the island might have a volcanic nature. It can only be reached via a teleport gate.

It is strange that Keira's Scout Flies were crated up, as it seems that only Lurkers do this. This may mean that the Lurkers had originally been on Geyser Rock, but were driven off by Samos.

Training Ground

Geyser Rock is pretty much devoid of major wildlife and acts like a tutorial for Jak and Daxter. It holds the most basic things in the Jak and Daxter gameworld, namely Precursor orbs, power cells, green and blue eco. Though the Scout Flies were supposedly captured by Lurkers, there are no signs of Lurker activity.

Precursor Artifacts

There are two Precursor robots embedded into the cliffs. This further contradicts the reason why the Scout Flies were captured, as Lurkers would obviously be trying to remove the robots if they had reached the island. One robot can be seen easily when you find blue eco for the first time, it's on your left on top of the rocks.


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