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Revamp projectEdit

As some of you may know, there has been a wiki-wide "revamp" or "reboot" project going on. Even though it's been going on for over a year now, it just now occurred to me that maybe there should be some special place where we actually say it, other than just a short sentence on the main page. Basically, we (me and the other active admins) have a workflow:

  1. Pick a category. We decide on a particular game-specific or topic-specific category, and dump all of the pages in a user sandbox (either in bulleted-list form, or, if the articles are short enough, completely copy-pasted in order).
  2. Rewrite the article. Someone completely rewrites the page, sometimes keeping pre-existing content and sometimes entirely replacing it (depending on if the previous content is factual, verifiable, and well-written).
  3. Rename the article. Rarely needed, but some articles have incorrect page names, either due to capitalization or the actual name, or both.
  4. Have it PR'd. A third party peer-reviews it (or "PR", also known as "proof-reading"). Typically the reviewer re-reads the edit for grammatical/factual mistakes, but also makes suggestions for the addition or revising of content.
  5. Ship the article. After the article passes peer-review, it is copy-pasted from the sandbox and onto the actual article with an edit summary of "rewrite".
  6. Repeat.

Anybody can do this. All it takes is a person to rewrite the article, and another to proof read it. The rewrites take place in user sandboxes (e.g. User:JohnnyAppleseed/Sandbox) before they are pushed live (to preserve the actual page's history and stability).

This is the basic workflow, but other revamp projects include implementing updated policy, guidelines, criteria, templates, and the organization of categories. After the articles are rewritten, an "image revamp" project will take place, in which we will re-name and re-categorize files, and will delete some if necessary. We will also be updating all of the image's sources, descriptions, and licensing, implementing a type of file page infobox. Again though, this can be done by anybody who knows how to do so properly and who has the time to commit to the project.

Just thought I'd officially describe it somewhere. If you're interested, let me know! —Jak Himself (talk  · contributions) 02:23, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

Annual update: 2015Edit

Over the past year, we have successfully tackled almost all of the trilogy-related articles, and will continue to roll out more articles. Once we've completely rewritten all the articles, we will repeat the entire process to "re-visit" all of the articles, making sure that our articles are completely quality-controlled. —Jak Himself (talk  · contributions) 02:23, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

Annual update: 2016Edit

I can't believe a year has flown by. But, even with my half year-long hiatus, we still accomplished a lot in 2015. As far as article rewrites go, we've rewritten all Daxter-related content (except the game page, that's part of a separate project), and we've also bitten off a decent-sized chunk of the Jak X-related content.

Additionally, both myself and Light Daxter have played The Lost Frontier all the way through and determined what we're going to do, as can be seen at the to-do list. (I'm particularly excited about this part myself cause of all the model ripping!)

On that note, we've ripped a lot of images for Daxter and The Lost Frontier and will only continue to do more! Very cool stuff, but I'm probably most proud of Kaeden, or the Interceptor or Hellcat. Also image-wise, Light Daxter has completed the image revamp project almost entirely by himself, so now all of our 1,728 images are all nice and tidy.

Wiki project-wise, I've since condensed and consolidated all of the policies and guidelines into one Project:Guideline, outsourcing the other stuff to either Wikipedia or respective help pages.

Here's to another productive year! —Jak Himself (talk  · contributions) 20:59, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

Annual update: 2017Edit

I'm doing this year's annual update a little early, since we just recently surpassed a major milestone: we are now done with the revamp project! Well, we have at least rewritten every single article on the wiki. There's still quite a bit to do in terms of re-cleaning up the Project, Help, File, Template, MediaWiki, Category, and Forum namespaces, which we are going to tackle through the remainder of 2016 as a project coined the "previsit", or "pre-revisit".

But, starting with the beginning of 2017, we will be tackling the "revisit project", which will basically be another revamp project, but this time going around and polishing/touching-up our work from the revamp. We started this project more than three years ago, and naturally our quality of work has drastically improved over the years. Additionally, our methodology and way of doing things has evolved as well, so the revisit project will basically be swinging by it all and making sure everything's perfectly consistent with our latest policies. Basically a second pass for quality assurance.

Here's to yet another productive year. —Jak Himself (talk  · contributions) 07:58, November 20, 2016 (UTC)

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