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The Sentinels... What are they? (A Speculation) by Suzukiano09:18, February 5, 2017 by Jak Himself
TPL No Orb Challenge by Suzukiano10:15, September 28, 2016 by Light Daxter
Jak 3 Hidden Elevators by Tbth71713:36, June 19, 2016 by Suzukiano
Eco Mine's location by Suzukiano22:19, October 18, 2015 by Light Daxter
Could Boggy Billy be Daxter's dad? by Ging3rninjah10:26, July 26, 2015 by Suzukiano
Wasteland Easter Egg: Fact or Fiction? by Suzukiano00:03, July 22, 2015 by Light Daxter
Jak X precursor orbs resetting by Jak Himself19:35, March 17, 2015 by Jak Himself

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