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The fodder, also known as the tomb fodder or water watcher, is a minor enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is an amphibian first encountered in the Tomb of Mar between the two consecutive missions "Pass the first test of manhood" and "Pass the second test of manhood". It later made a re-appearance in a similar green variety in Jak 3 during the mission "Explore eco mine" in the eco mine.



Fodder concept art

Jak II fodder

Fodders are odd creatures, resembling some type of amphibian. In Jak II, it carried a light blue, almost white complexion with teal-blue stripes. In Jak 3, it carried a pale green-gray complexion with dark green stripes. It has two, odd yellow eyes with a dark green dorsal fin, or mane, running along its back. It has four legs, with its front legs ending in a hoof-like mechanism with claws, where its back legs are frog-like and webbed. It has a short, stubby tail.


The fodder lives in the waters in the large hall of the Tomb, seemingly spawning from nowhere. It is possible they have some underground living space or that the Tomb is connected to somewhere outside.

Another group lives in the eco mine where they live in large swarms. It is unknown what their actual food source is or if they live continuously in the mines, perhaps with a possible exit to a different area.


The fodder is a slow enemy enemy that attacks by lunging forward. It can be considered fodder due to its weak attack and health and large number of appearances at once. Do not bother evading them on foot in the Tomb. Use evasive JET-Board maneuvers as they will not stop spawning. In the eco mine you cannot really evade them, however. When forced in combat both the Blaster and the Scatter Gun are good, but the Wave Concussor excels due to its inexpensive attack covering a massive area.