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Sweet! The Thunderhead flak cannon shoots slowly, but deals a lot of damage in one shot!

The Thunderhead flak cannon is an plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. A retrofitted anti-air artillery system mounted on an aerial platform, the flak cannon fires thick dark-colored orbs leaving behind purple trails. This weapon excels in dense combat zones with several small enemies, as the bullets do not need to score a direct hit, but rather burst open after reaching an enemy within its area of effect.

Flak cannon icon

The flak cannon icon.

Said payload deals further residual damage for a short time after, though the initial impact appears to bear the brunt of the damage output. In fact, a direct impact deals notably more damage than relying on glancing blows; The practicality of the shock-inducing dark smoke that remains is limited, as it is not powerful enough to genuinely harm slow targets that cannot avoid it, and it is not large enough to seriously become a threat to other roaming enemies.

As Daxter comments when you first use this weapon, its fire rate is sub-par and it does deal a lot of damage in one shot, but only against the weakest of enemies you encounter. Aeropan fighters will go down in one direct hit, or three hits with a nearby explosion, but the Aeropan transport is practically unscathed when undergoing similar circumstances. As such, despite the damage potential, the slow rate of fire, low ammo capacity, and poor reload speed makes this weapon not viable for long-term fights, combat with sturdy opponents, or general late-game plane sections.

Locations and availabilityEdit

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Board the pirate galleon".
2 Daxterjacking After the mission "Board the pirate galleon".
3 Side mission Received from the Precursor statue at the abandoned research rig after destroying 7 dark eco crystals.
4 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Repel the Aeropan boarders".
5 Daxterjacking After the mission "Stop the Behemoth".