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Ya think ya can do better?! Try scoopin' up river fish with a tiny net! I'll give ya a power cell if you can catch 200 pounds o' 'dem critters!
— Fisherman, The Precursor Legacy

The Fisherman is a character in The Precursor Legacy, living in central Sandover Village, found near the stream in Forbidden Jungle. The Fisherman owned the speedboat used by Jak and Daxter at the beginning of the game. Later in the game, Jak and Daxter found him in the Forbidden Jungle at the bottom of a valley.

The Fisherman challenges the two to catch two hundred pounds of fish in the river with only a tiny net. By accomplishing this task, they earned permission to use his boat whenever they want, and gained a power cell for their efforts. Here after he remains in the Forbidden Jungle next to the river and can be heard laughing loudly when traveled near by for the rest of the playthrough.

The Fisherman has a typical sailor's accent and brusque mannerisms. He is depicted as a stereotypical, grizzled "salt-of-the-earth"-style fisherman. He has an anchor tattoo, and is clothed like a typical sailor. He is plump, has a blue beard, and wears a red bandanna which reads "FISH" in the Precursor alphabet. His necklace appears to be some variety of tooth, presumably from a fish or shark.


Speedboat screen

The speedboat.

The Fisherman owned a speedboat at the dock of Sandover Village for unknown reasons, though it was used by Jak and Daxter to travel to and from Misty Island. It was apparently the successor to the Fisherman's larger wooden boat when it was attacked by a lurker shark. The speedboat has three skis beneath it; two in back one in front. It uses a large propeller in the back, and is reinforced with metal plating in the front. It appears to be used more for quickly traversing over the sea instead of for fishing, probably per the lurker shark attacks. Consequently, the Fisherman instead fishes in the stream at Forbidden Jungle. In the opening cutscene, Jak and Daxter are seen using the speedboat without the Fisherman's permission to travel to Misty Island. It is unknown why Jak and Daxter didn't use the speedboat as an alternative means of traveling to Rock Village, since it was located along the coast. However, it could be that the long distance meant a higher risk of being attacked by lurker sharks, not dissimilar to the Fisherman's old boat, or that the small boat was not equipped for long distance travel.