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Find the cell on the path is the first mission that Jak and Daxter must complete to receive a power cell in The Precursor Legacy. This is the first mission in the game, assigned by Keira Hagai via the communicator at Geyser Rock. It is part of the training course set here.


Upon gaining control, use the D-pad or left analog stick (Left analog stick) to move around, approaching a nearby trail of Precursor orbs will trigger a communicator cutscene. Collect the orbs while using your jumping skill (X) to climb the platforms and continue walking, you can see the power cell a little further ahead, surrounded by some test dummies. Either jump over the gap filled with spikes or walk around this hazard by jumping on the surrounding cliffs.

As this is the first sighting of a power cell in the game, there is a short cinematic upon approaching it. The camera will zoom in on the power cell and Keira will state "This is a power cell; the most important Precursor artifact you can find. You need to collect twenty of these so that I can power the heat shield for your A-Grav Zoomer!"[1]