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Find cypher in eco grid was a mission in Jak 3. To get the cipher glyph, Daxter needed to beat the central system's security programs, Vin helped him to jack in to the eco grid and steal the cipher.


The game map is a set of concentric square paths. Each layer has a set of balls which have to be collected (there's 250 or so of them), while the red dragon head needs to be avoided. The enemy is marked with a red line on each layer, the safest tactic is to stay at least two layers away from it and only move close to it if it is on the other side of the map.

There is also a bowling pin-like enemy that spawns new orbs which have to be collected again, eat the pin enemy to kill it. You can also use X to go faster, but beware since you might just crash into the red enemy if you are careless.