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Farthy[a] is a minor character in The Precursor Legacy. He is a hip hog owned by Boggy Billy living in Boggy Swamp. Farthy ran away from Boggy Billy when the lurkers attacked Boggy Swamp. Boggy Billy attempted to coax Farthy back by laying out his favorite snacks, but they were constantly stolen by local swamp rats. Jak and Daxter managed to get Farthy back when they repelled the rats using yellow eco and protected Farthy's snacks. When all three waves of swamp rats were killed, Farthy returned to his owner.

Farthy's appearance is typical to that of the average hip hog: a large head, with an orange muzzle, the rest of the body being a greenish color. He also has two teeth which protrude from his mouth.


  1. Audibly ambiguous, but indeed spelled and pronounced "Farthy".[1][2]
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