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Gotta milk those yakows, gotta milk those yakows...!

— Farmer, The Precursor Legacy

The Farmer is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He lives in the northernmost part of Sandover Village on a farm where he raises yakows. The Farmer asked Jak and Daxter to get his herd of yakows back into their pen in the mission "Herd the yakows into their pen". Jak and Daxter succeeded in leading all the yakows back into the pen and he gave them a power cell.

The Farmer has a large straw hat, and is a bony, old man with a walking staff. He owns a ranch where he keeps his yakows. The Farmer also grows rice on a plot of land next to his ranch.

Other appearancesEdit

The Farmer made a cameo in the spin-off game Daxter, during a quicktime event-based minigame called dream mode, wherein he portrayed "Morpheus" from the movie The Matrix, opposite of his trainee Daxter who dreamt himself to be "Neo".

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