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Exterminator suit concept art

Daxter in an exterminator suit.

An exterminator is a person who provides pest control services, thus far only applicable in Daxter. Kridder Ridder was one notable extermination company who, during the Metal Bug invasion, exterminated metal bugs. Aside from this, exterminators were few and far between due to Kaeden's increased efforts to shut down companies, as well as the increasing danger as the invasion unfurled. One Kridder Ridder employee was seen in the beginning of Daxter walking out on Osmo, the owner, exclaiming "Forget it! Find another crazy sucker, okay?!"[1] Another Kridder Ridder employee was reported to have been eaten by metal bugs at the Westside Hotel.[2] This inclined Osmo to reach out to Daxter, who proved to be a sufficient replacement due to his size and concocted grandiose bravery. Daxter ultimately succeeded in killing the Metal Bug leader and ended the invasion.

There were also independent exterminators, such as Taryn. She viewed traditional exterminators, such as those from Kridder Ridder, with derision, calling them "lame" and telling Daxter to "take your little toys and go home."[3]

Metal bugs were not the only pests that were exterminated. The Kridder Ridder shop features several non-metal bug insects in display cases.


Exterminators used various methods of exterminating bugs, including electrocuting them with bug swatters and spraying them with poisonous gas. Additionally, Daxter was once seen wearing an exterminator suit as a disguise in order to pass through Erol and into the Haven Palace. The suit was a heavy yellow hazmat obviously oversized for the ottsel.