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Exterminate bugs in Breezy Valley is the name given to two different missions in Daxter. As the name suggests, they both take place in Breezy Valley.

The first mission is assigned to Daxter by Osmo after the mission "Clean up the construction site". After witnessing a discussion between Osmo and Kaeden, Daxter was told to head to Breezy Valley due to an emergency. Once there, he had to cure several plants from a bug infestation as well as hunt down a lone hive queen using Betsy.

The second mission is assigned to Daxter by Taryn following the mission "Collect 8 eco crystals and return them to the Miner". Taryn told Daxter to "finish the job in Breezy Valley", where he had to cure animals infected with bugs as well as hunt and kill three more hive queens.


First missionEdit

To start with, Betsy is indestructible, so do not worry about driving too carefully. Instead you must be fast as this mission is set to a timer of around 180 seconds, during which you must find and cure 26 bug-infested plants. These plants are nearly everywhere in the valley and sometimes in small clusters of two to three. Grab bug spray from the vents connected to the pipe system in the valley to fill up your spray meter and then spread it over each plant as you fly over it. In the last minute a pillar of light will mark all remaining plants.

After all the plants have been taken care of the next part starts in which you have to kill six bugs feasting on the roots of the massive plant in the center. Run them over and a hive queen will emerge from the ground beneath the plant, after which you will need to chase it. It is as fast as the Betsy, so prepare to cut corners in advance when it will make large turns. Hit it three times to finish it.

Second missionEdit

Similar to the first one, you must again use the Betsy to cure a bug infestation, though this time they are infected. These strange yellow creatures will waddle around the valley. Find and heal all eight before the timer runs out. After these, a trio of hive queens will appear. Unlike the previous one they will only take one hit to kill.

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