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Anyway, would you be kind enough to loan your dear old uncle ninety Precursor orbs so he can get underway?
— Explorer, The Precursor Legacy

The Explorer, also known as Jak's uncle,[a] is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He lives in Sandover Village and is portrayed as Jak's uncle, though with no true blood relation. He gives Jak and Daxter the mission "Bring 90 orbs to your uncle", in which Jak and Daxter had to bring him ninety Precursor orbs for a power cell. The Explorer is referred to in the game as Jak's uncle, though this is never expanded upon, so it is unclear if they were meant to be literally related, however the following installments in the series make it clear that their family relation is impossible due to Jak's future-based origins.

The Explorer is fairly sophisticated in his demeanor, referring to Jak as "m'boy". He uses a staff, and wears clothing similar to that of Jak's. He has a beard and wears a monocle on his right eye. The character is associated with a special motif overlaid on the Sandover Village soundtrack.


  1. "Explorer" is used over the stronger-sourced name "Uncle" due to continuity errors. The model viewer in Jak 3 labeled him the "Explorer", thus presumably representing the final name decided upon by the developers.