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Explore war factory was a mission in Jak 3. After destroying the War Factory's defenses Jak and Daxter enter the Factory itself and have to explore it on their own to find out how to stop it.


For the entirety of this mission you will fight a large amount of spydroids, roboguards, robo-goons and hover guards. It is recommended to use all the weapons you have, depending on the situation. The Arc Wielder is great to quickly sweep floors, while the Needle Lazer deals easily with the many hover guards. The Beam Reflexor and Wave Concussor are an always good all-round choice, with the Gyro Burster, Plasmite RPG and Peace Maker being there when in a pinch.

For starters blow through the few early enemies until you get to the first, short, Daxter section. After this bit you have to quickly get past a spawn pod which endlessly pumps out hover guards. Fight through some more bots until you reach the second Daxter section, where you have to avoid some electricity. After this, through the broken glass window, is a room with an electric fence. Fend off a couple of hover guards (from two more spawn pods) and rush through here and dive punch through the grate on the other side.

Up ahead, past some more bots, is the third Daxter section. Moving flamethrowers and more electricity this time. Moving on you will shortly get to the fourth and last Daxter section, this time it's more of the same from the third one. Take special care to avoid the moving flamethrowers. After this you will unlock the path to the factory car, a special type of vehicle with unlimited boosts.

Take the vehicle and plow through the many robots blocking your way, use the booster to crush any of the metal walls and hover guard spawn pods blocking your way. It's pretty easy at this point, eventually you will end up back at the start and jump from the car to crush the last wall blocking an elevator. Take the elevator to complete this mission and go straight into the next one; "Beat Cyber Errol boss".

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