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Escape from the sewers is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After falling through a manhole, Daxter finds himself wandering Aeropa's sewers before being doused with a massive amount of dark eco waste, turning him into Dark Daxter. He now has to find a way out, meanwhile battling voltaic eels, ghoul spiders, and defense turrets.


Dark Daxter is incredibly powerful, and unlike Dark Jak does not have a short time frame in which he can act. His main attack can be used with X, which will allow Daxter to fire long-range bolts of dark eco from his hands. This attack can be done in an infinite and quick succession. Using Triangle causes him to enter a frenzy, in which he turns into a tornado, invulnerable to weaker sources of damage and hurting anything on contact. This drains his dark eco meter, though bumping into dark eco crystals restores it. He also possesses a ground pound attack with Circle, and can pick up objects (namely ghoul spiders) with Square as well.

As you progress through the sewers you can use your frenzy move to destroy large doors, as long as you have a full meter. Ground pound can be used to flip floor batteries, which can toggle the direction of its corresponding machinery. The grapple move can be used to grab ghoul spiders, which can the be thrown at holes in the floor to fill them up or at pistons to stop them from moving. Shortly after you will enter rooms with abandoned computers and laboratory equipment, guarded by large sentry turrets. Use the ground pound move to flip their batteries to rotate them and enable a passage through.

A similar puzzle must be solved later with rotating machines that force you to move into exposed electric wires if you do not cause them to go in reverse. Afterwards is one final room with a large amount of voltaic eels and spiders, grab one of the latter and use it to plug a hole blocking your escape into the elevator in the top-right corner.