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The elite HellCat cruiser is a prototype zoomer encountered only in the "Destroy five HellCat cruisers" mission during Jak II. Jak destroyed all five of the cruisers, which were sent on a patrol in the Slums and Industrial Section (although only near the Slums barrier) to combat the Underground.

The elite cruiser is an improved version of the standard HellCat cruiser with a stronger engine (meaning much higher acceleration rate, as well as controls), better armor, and superior design. It has a yellow paint (similar to the guard and elite guard difference) with tinted windows for the drivers and turret operator. The entire design of the vehicle is much smoother as well, providing the vehicle with better aerodynamics. And unlike the standard cruiser, the gun turret on the elite version is actually used against enemies, boasting a powerful, fully-rotational dual machine gun.

Elite HellCat cruiser concept art

Early concept art of the elite HellCat cruiser

Despite all these strengths they do not actually engage in combat, instead they flee at high speed and use the rear-facing gun turret to take down their pursuer, their escape even prompts them to barrel through other zoomers that are in their way. This meaning that if one wants to take them down it is recommended to do so quickly with the Vulcan Fury, as a prolonged chase can be disastrous if the Krimzon Guard reinforcements will join the fight.