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Jak receiving eco power

Jak receiving the eco amplifier power from a Precursor idol.

Eco powers are abilities that Jak gains in The Lost Frontier. Unable to use either his Dark Jak and Light Jak powers, these new powers instead rely on the four primary types of eco: Red eco, which is used for the eco amplifier power to create a floating orb which explodes when shot; Green eco, which is used for the eco construct power to create crystalline structures to damage enemies and create platforms to reach distant areas, as well as the eco shield power which can be used to create an impenetrable shield, which allows walking over pools of dark eco; Yellow eco, which is used for the eco rocket jump power to launch oneself into the air, to great heights when using it above a yellow eco vent or cloud of gas; And lastly blue eco, which is used for the eco reflexes power to slow down time and eco teleport to switch places with specific Precursor totems and reach faraway places, as well as bypassing security.

Eco powers can only be received from Precursor idols, special Precursor statues which are scattered around the Brink, though some have been taken and used by the Aeropans for their research. Said research appears to have been successful as one notable enemy, the hyper mutant, had amplifier, reflexes and shield powers of his own. Eco powers do have a limit to their use, as each power drains eco and requires a minimum amount before it can be used. Each power can be used several times in a row, but eventually the eco for each power will have to recharge before it becomes available again.

Keira Hagai offers her new sage abilities to convert collected dark eco into eco skills which allow Jak to either improve his own eco powers, eco recharge rate, hit points, melee damage, as well as more active abilities such as an energy punch and a spin kick ability that reflects enemy projectiles.

Eco powers and eco skills

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