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(Top to bottom): Green, blue, yellow, and red pick-ups.

Eco pick-ups are items featured in Jak X: Combat Racing that can be collected by driving over them. Depending on the color of eco, pick-ups impart either health, turbo, or weapons. They are placed at fixed points on a race track, and will respawn ten seconds after being collected. While fixed, pick-up spawn points depend on the current event, not on the track. Knowing which pick-ups are placed where can be very advantageous, if not crucial in some events.


Green eco pick-ups, shaped like glass orbs with a 3D plus sign inside, will fill the vehicle's health meter with a fixed amount of health (thus acting similar to health packs in the rest of the Jak and Daxter series). They are the rarest pick-ups on the track, but have designated spawn points like any other pick-up, and thus tend to produce a high rate of traffic in their general vicinity on arena tracks.

Blue eco pick-ups, shaped like batteries with blue eco inside, will fill the vehicle's turbo meter by one half with each pick-up. The boost can be engaged with R2.

Yellow eco pick-ups provide the vehicle with front-mounted[1] offensive weapons, choosing randomly from a variety of different options. They are octahedron in shape and glow yellow. Once you have collected a yellow pick-up, an icon depicting the type of weapon you have received will appear on the HUD, at which point you may choose to fire it using L1. These pick-ups do not appear in the turbo dash, freeze rally, or rush hour events.

Lastly, red eco pick-ups, shaped like capsules and glowing red, provide the vehicle with a randomly chosen rear-mounted[2] defensive weapon. Red eco is very similar to yellow eco, but is discharged with the L1 button instead. Like yellow eco, red eco does not appear in the turbo dash, freeze rally, rush hour, or death race events. The red eco weapon magno-mines do appear in the turbo dash event, but not as a pickup—rather, one is automatically given after charging up a power cell and releasing it.