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Eco grid game

The eco grid game.

The eco grid game is an arcade-style maze chase minigame featured in Jak 3. Taking place inside Haven City's eco grid via the power station, it was first utilized in the mission "Find cypher in eco grid", but was thereafter available as a side game. There is no maximum score or maximum amount of levels, though only up to nine Precursor orbs can be earned in total, three for each goal: Bronze requires a score of 200, silver 500, and gold 1000.


The minigame takes place on a circuit board-like maze filled with yellow dots. The player controls Daxter (albeit in an avatar form similar to Pac-Man), steering him through the maze while eliminating the dots and avoiding the "nasties" (a monster-like sprite that will terminate Daxter upon contact). In the center of the field is your current score, increased by one point per dot eliminated (with a total of 252 dots per level, with completion of four levels necessary to get all the orbs). Daxter can only move in a clockwise manner, and can go faster while holding down X. Note that at normal speed Daxter can cross two lines at once instead of just one when he's going fast.

The nasties travel counter-clockwise, with their current lane marked by a red line, though they will quickly attempt to move into Daxter's lane and eat him (causing you to lose the game). In some cases it appears that a nasty's course of action is predetermined, though in others it appears to be based on where Daxter travels to. For example, if the enemy would go into a left lane into Daxter's direction and if Daxter would, shortly before the enemy is going to switch lanes, move into any of the lanes on the right of the enemy, it would still go into the left lane. Finally, there will be two enemies in the fourth level and onward.

There is also a secondary non-hostile enemy resembling a brown bowling pin. These can move clockwise or counter-clockwise, and will restore dots along their path. They can spawn randomly into the game at any location, indicated by a bright flash. Their movement appears to be random as well, meaning they can stay in a single line for a while or suddenly switch many lanes at once (they are not limited in their movement when switching lanes, meaning they can cross four or more at once). Note that these dots don't actually count towards your total score, but instead will subtract from it, forcing you to recollect them. Daxter must eat this enemy in order to defeat it temporarily, before it respawns again.