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Eco amplifier is an eco power in The Lost Frontier. It is the first power obtained and the only red eco power, and is primarily offensive in use, having a large and powerful effect radius. It is also commonly used to break large weakened obstacles such as boulders or cracked doors. It is received from a Precursor idol at Brink Island, soon after embarking on the mission "Look for a way off the island". Near the end of the game Jak encounters the hyper mutant, an enemy which is notably capable of using an amplifier-like attack as well, though it explodes upon the ape's slam of a fist.


Eco amplifier icon

The amplifier icon.

To use the amplifier power, press R2 (on PlayStation 2) or Down (on PlayStation Portable). Jak will then fire a large glowing red sphere that floats directly forward, stopping when it hits something solid. The sphere is effectively harmless in this state, but once shot with a Gunstaff mod will explode, dealing heavy damage to anything inside its blast radius. The duration of the sphere in its first phase and the cost of eco consumption upon firing it can be increased and decreased, respectively, by purchasing the amplifier efficiency eco skill, while more damage can be added by purchasing amplifier radiation, which leaves a cloud of shock-inducing red gas behind, dealing minor additional damage to enemies.

To effectively use the amplifier power, which can only be used once at a time, one must use either the Blaster or Vulcan Fury weapon so as to shoot the orb at a distance, putting themselves out of harm's way. However, it is possible to directly stand in front of an enemy, firing the orb and shooting it immediately with the Scatter Gun, followed by immediately creating another amplifier sphere. This rapid create-fire tactic allows for a large amount of damage to be put out very quickly, but is rather risky as you would have to be directly in front of the enemy.