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The Dune Hopper is a buggy in Jak 3. It was earned after the mission "Corral wild leapers" and is used primarily to traverse the islets leading to the Monk Temple. It is also used in the "Take out Marauder stronghold" mission, where it was used to cross the bridge as it was missing sections.


The Dune Hopper has a very elongated base frame with heavy metal legs and four flat wheels similar to that of the Tough Puppy. It has a large turbo dispenser with the longest and fastest turbo next to the Desert Screamer. Its legs are elongated as to allow it to jump to incredible heights and far distances. Mixed with its turbo and far height, it can traverse almost any distance within the Wasteland, and is not allowed in Kleiver's challenges for that reason. It has possibly the least amount of traction next to the Tough Puppy and the Sand Shark.


  • Kleiver stated that this is his favorite vehicle before he gave it to Jak.
  • The Dune Hopper is not the only vehicle that can reach Monk Temple, as the Desert Screamer is fast and lightweight enough to jump off molten rock piles, letting it fly across the appropriate distance.
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