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The driller lurker is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy that mines cave rock away from the Precursor robot in Spider Cave with its drill.


These lurkers are distinguishable by their yellow-metallic armor, heavy equipment drill, and odd-looking yellow goggles.

They can only be encountered at the construction site in Spider Cave, making them rather dangerous, except for the gaps, trap doors, or grill tanks, preventing them from reaching their opponent. Typical to all lurkers they have appendages of cartilage appearing as spurs growing along their jawline, large yellow eyes, and a thick, metal collar.


Upon sighting Jak, a driller lurker will turn from the rock it is drilling and walk towards him with the drill. However, the drill will break down, and the lurker will turn around and kick the machine, getting it to start up again.

The drill is easily avoided by double jumping, or simply running from it; as the lurker is slow, and its attack is fairly easy to avoid. Once the lurker turns around to kickstart its machine, its back is exposed leaving it vulnerable.