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Unofficial title
No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Jak and Daxter media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

The drillbot is an enemy in The Lost Frontier. They closely resemble their Brink Island counterparts, sawbots, but instead dominate the Brink volcano and are armed with heavy-duty drills and long-range blasters.

Tym built the sawbots to help with lumber on the island, thus it is presumable he also built the drillbots, possibly for mining in the volcano. At some point, like the sawbots, the drillbots' programming went awry, causing them to become hostile. Jak thus had to fight off several of them during his race through the volcano to retrieve the eco seeker.


Drillbots possess a large, bulky body on top of a pair of tank treads, sharing an identical body scheme to the sawbot. However, these robots are tainted a slight red-orange, in contrast with their yellow island counterparts. Additionally instead of two arm blades, they possess one large drill on the right arm and one tubular blaster on the left arm.

Also unlike the sawbot, drillbots are capable of spinning their bodies 360° on top of their tracks, imparting very quick aiming with their blaster. They also lack the sawbot's incredible speed capability, and instead rely on their long-range blasters to reach faraway enemies.


Drillbots are no stronger than the sawbots, requiring only a quick melee–firearm combination or a few shots from the Scatter Gun to be defeated. However, they prove a bit more of a nuisance, as the long range of their blasters allow them to attack from afar. The blasters are otherwise highly inefficient, however, as they take a while to charge up (and produce a sound for ample warning), and the energy blasts fired are very slow and have a constant line of attack, and are thus easily side-stepped. The only threat the drillbots present are in their large numbers.

The best strategy is to close the distance on them, as they have no short-distance attack (they will try to stab you with their drill, but it inflicts no harm). Take them out with any Gunstaff mod at your disposal, and move on to the next one. They often attack in high numbers, so make sure you move frequently to stay out of their line of fire and pay attention to the sound of their blasters charging up.