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The dozer is an enemy featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. They are large, yellow, bulky robots that hover above the ground, and were used as targets during the sport hunt combat racing event in the Kras City Grand Championship, featured on the Dirt Stadium race track (as well as the Atoll Arena in exhibition mode).


Dozers were originally used as dirt-forming robots for the Dirt Stadium, but had eventually gone berserk. G.T. Blitz offered Jak the job of taking them out in exchange for prizes.[1] This task was not exactly a sport hunt in this sense, though it later on appeared to be recreated as such.


Dozer concept art

Concept art of the dozer.

Dozers are very large, slow, and highly armored. Beware of their blades, which they will sometimes use to flip you away, inflicting moderate damage. You should pick your most well-rounded race car against these enemies, with an emphasis on control, stability, and an efficient turbo system. Once on the track, focus first on upgrading from the default submachine gun, which is noticeably less effective than other yellow eco pick-ups like the grenade launcher, for example. This such weapon is uniquely qualified in this event, as the dozers' large girth presents an easier target. However, tracking missiles and the Vulcan Fury work well too.