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The double lurker[1] is a team of enemies in The Precursor Legacy. There are two types of blue-tinted lurkers which comprise the duo lurkers, the two of which have very similar traits, though one being smaller than the other, and—as a consequence—pair up together with one on top of the other to provide a larger, stronger enemy.

Two blue lurkers, one of them being larger and stronger with a plain face, and the other being smaller and appears to be somewhat crazed. They bear similar lurker traits such as large yellow eyes, metallic collars, and appendages growing over their jawline.

Double lurker separated

A separated double lurker team.

The bottom lurker cannot be defeated unless the top lurker is knocked off his shoulders. This can be done by jumping and kicking (X+Circle). Once the two are separated each can be destroyed with one melee attack.


  • There is a mock up of the duo seen on Geyser Rock which is a large test dummy that can only be defeated by jumping and kicking.


  1. The Precursor Legacy, file: double-lurker.o
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