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Disable weapons control system is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After using the warp gate in the old Aeropan barracks, Jak, Keira and Daxter return to Aeropa in an attempt to stop Skyheed. Jak must first destroy Skyheed's weapons control system so he can regain use of his Gunstaff weapon mods before he can head to the palace.


Since the weapon mods for your Gunstaff are unusable you must rely on melee, eco powers, and eco skills. Upon walking through the first door, a pair of laser barriers will block your way further into Aeropa. Bypass them with either eco reflexes or the eco shield power. Without your weapons you cannot use the eco amplifier power either, restricting you to melee combat, though eco reflexes will make this easier. Deal with the commandos up ahead until a Sky Raider airstrikes a building, allowing you to continue into an area where you must use the eco construct and eco rocket jump powers to make your way to another area with several large dark eco silos inside.

Make your way across the silos by using the rotating platforms, meanwhile dodging obstacles positioned directly above them. At the end you gain direct access to the weapons lock device, which you can destroy with a simple few punches, though beware of the two commandos guarding it. Once it is destroyed another three commandos and an ethereal sub-commander will join the fray. The Lobber is recommended due to the size of the room you are in, though the Scatter Gun will also suffice. The mission will then move on directly into the next one, "Head to the palace".