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Trophy: Taking Him Down
Complete 'Destroy final boss' Gold

Destroy final boss is a mission in Jak 3. Cyber Errol still managed to take one terraformer down to the planet, where he is walking it around in the Wasteland. Jak had to put a final stop to the maniac to save the planet once and for all.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Taking Him Down", completing this mission will reward you with a gold trophy.



You have to use the Sand Shark to take down the immense terraformer, by shooting the bright purple things on the lower end of its legs, near the feet. There are 14 total, with at least two for four legs and 3 on the other 2. If they are on the back they are fairly easy to shoot, but the ones on the front are annoying since due to its massive size it takes such huge steps it becomes difficult to come up ahead of it and still figure out where the targeted foot will land.

It regularly drops mines and bladed spinning tops. Both of these are a minor nuisance and should be shot down as they drop turbo boosts. This is primarily a battle of endurance, as the terraformer can do little to harm you in the Sand Shark, while you need to keep chasing it down to finally shoot the last few targets.

After the cutscene go and climb up onto the terraformer to reach the top, where you will finally fight Cyber Errol.

Cyber Errol: Phase 1Edit

The dark splitter enemies that regularly appear drop ammo now and then, and with all the upgrades you should have plenty to go around. The dark splitters themselves are no real problem, at this point any weapon does fine against them. The tentacles have enough health to stand a hit or two, so throw something heavy at them (from a distance, they hit you up close).

Cyber Errol will soon enough start firing a laser beam at you, dodge it until he starts sweeping the floor from left to right. Is it then the two dark eco and light eco vents will open, practically giving you free health due to Light Regeneration. Shoot the terraformer's head in the back where the tanks are to deal Cyber Errol a blow.

Cyber Errol: Phase 2Edit

Mostly the same as phase 1, except with more dark splitter enemies and two of the spinning top weapons that come to attack you. They are fast and dangerous so just get rid of them quickly.

Cyber Errol: Phase 3Edit

The same as the phases before, except with even more dark splitters and slightly longer sections here and there.

Cyber Errol: Phase 4Edit

This time the terraformer will start with smashing it's head onto you, it is not that hard to dodge if you time it right. As usually after this follows the tentacles and dark splitter fight, but this time Cyber Errol will also fire the laser at you. He keeps doing this as you fight some of the spinning tops and the last few dark splitters. After these he does the headslam attack again, where after he will start using the sweeping laser move, giving you the opportunity to finally take Cyber Errol down.