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Trophy: Shields are Down
Complete 'Destroy dark ship shield' Bronze

Destroy dark ship shield is a mission in Jak 3. As Samos Hagai had guessed the astro-viewer did more than just gaze at stars. When Jak inserted the time map into a slot on the machine he was pulled into the Dark Maker ship's systems as a result.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Shields are Down", completing this mission will reward you with a bronze trophy.


The Dark Maker bot controls more or less identical to the Titan Suit, save for the extra addition of a shield. The shield, while blocking enemy attacks for a short while, also disables your movement so it might be better to just try and dodge trooper attacks and take them out right away. Kill the first few troopers in the starting room, then go through the door that opens as a result.

On the bridge here you have to punch the floating bomb and get it to hit the strange, pulsing, thing on the other side. With that out of the way break through the door behind it and enter the laser-filled tunnel. Progress slowly (two lasers at a time) as the lasers will move suddenly and quickly. Punch through another wall and kill the troopers in the next room, do the same with the bombs and the pulsing thing here and then go through the new gap you just made.

Some more enemies around here as you have to send more bombs flying against more of the pulsing things, when they are gone some platforms appear which you have to use to get to the other side. After two of these you get to a larger area where you have to use a cube to jump on top of a higher platform where you can destroy another pulsing thing with the bomb up here, do the same up ahead (take the cube with you) and head through the newly opened door.

Some last few troopers as you get to the last pulsing thing which is in control of the ship's shields, it repeatedly sends out electric waves which you need to jump over. Otherwise just concentrate on timing your punches against the bombs, as you need to hit each of the three spheres circling the big thing twice. After one hit they move a lot faster as well, once that has been done the big pulsing thing explodes and you complete the mission.