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The Desert Screamer is an unlockable buggy in Jak 3. It can be purchased from the secrets menu for twenty Precursor orbs.[1]


The Desert Screamer has a very minimalist base frame made out of a lightweight metal, with very little metal framing surrounding it, including a convex bumper and a small metallic fin in the back. Its front wheels are spiked, causing a lot of traction compared to other buggies, making it a harder vehicle to control.[1] It has dual machine guns in the front, with boosters similar to that of the Dune Hopper. The core of the vehicle has an orbital engine making it capable of a jump similar to that of the Tough Puppy, which can also be attributed to its lighter weight.


The Desert Screamer has a very lightweight frame (comparable to the Tough Puppy) allowing it to achieve speeds faster than other buggies, as well as a decent jump, however, in combination with its spiked wheels, makes it very hard to control in the wasteland and therefore not an all-around popular choice.


  • This vehicle can be used to reach Monk Temple, as it is fast and lightweight enough to bump off large rocks and fly the appropriate distance. This and the Dune Hopper are the only vehicles able to accomplish such a task.[1]


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