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The dark splitter is an enemy in Jak 3. It is a creature used by the Precursors and the Dark Makers, seen in a few areas including the eco mines during the mission "Defeat Veger's Precursor robot", the Metal Head tower during the mission "Destroy Metal Head tower", and was also used by the terraformer in the mission "Destroy final boss".


The dark splitter is a dark blue creature with four legs, a tail, and a hulking back. It has two pairs of white eyes and large, sharp teeth. They emerge curled up in balls, then immediately attack an enemy when they get up. It is unknown if they are dark makers or some other type of dark eco creature, though they are most likely their own creature given they were used by both the Dark Makers and the Precursors. Perhaps the dark splitter's most noticeable feature is their ability to split up into smaller versions of itself every time it is attacked, which they can perform twice; big into medium, and medium into small.


Dark splitters attack by swiping with their claws at enemies. Due to the areas where you encounter them, you cannot avoid them for the duration of the battle, however, running around to evade them is usually sufficient if coupled with quick combative strategies. Melee attacks work well, although a few useful weapons include the Wave Concussor and Beam Reflexor. Anything strong with heavy firepower such as the Peace Maker is usually unnecessary, although the Vulcan Fury, Needle Lazer and Gyro Burster are sufficient as well.