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The Dark Maker ship, also referred to as the Day Star, is a massive, biomechanic planet builder and mothership used by the Dark Makers to travel from planet to planet and transport dark maker troops, such as troopers, hornets, and terraformers, as well as to transform, destroy, and/or rebuild planets. It was somehow associated with the astro-viewer, which could allow its user to mentally link up with the ship and use the Dark Maker bot inside of it. Jak did so in the mission "Destroy dark ship shield" after using the time map to activate the astro-viewer. During the mission he disabled the ship's shields by detonating a large, organic cell. Later, Jak visited the ship again in the mission "Destroy dark ship" after being teleported there from the Precursor core, and had five minutes to stop Cyber Errol from activating the terraformers before the Planetary Defense System destroyed the ship.

Dark Maker ship interior 2

The interior of the Dark Maker ship.

The ship is a large, organic-looking cell with various tendrils sprouting from it. As per the Dark Makers' color scheme, it is a dark purple color. It was referred to the "Day Star" by humans presumably because from the planet it appeared as a bright purple star in the sky which got brighter and brighter as it approached. Once the Planetary Defense System destroyed the ship, the star was no longer present in the sky.

The interior of the ship consists mainly of platforms and organic masses connected to tubes which appear to form some kind of hive. There are purple and light green tendrils and other structures typical of the Dark Makers as well. Throughout the area are placed odd-looking mines which, when punched by the Dark Maker bot, would detonate upon contact with another object, thus destroying it.