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Dark Jak
Physical description
Special abilitiesDark Bomb
Dark Blast
Dark Giant
Dark Strike
Shadow Invisibility

Something's... happening to me. Something he did. I... can't control it!

Jak, Jak II

Dark Jak is Jak's dark alter-ego, which he had been imbued with as a result of Baron Praxis's Dark Warrior experiments over the course of two years. He is only playable in Jak II and Jak 3, although he makes additional appearances/cameos in two spin-offs. In this form, Jak is capable of incredible attacks and very destructive powers coupled with high durability and strength.


Jak II

When Jak and Daxter arrived in the future, Jak was captured by the Krimzon Guard. Experiments were then done on Jak using the dark eco injector by Baron Praxis as a part of the Dark Warrior Program. Following the experiments done on him, Jak can now transform himself into Dark Jak if he has enough dark eco in his system. The speed of the actual transformation varies. Sometimes, it can be so brief in nature that you'd miss it if you merely blinked. On the other hand, it could be so slow that it frightens those who are faint of heart, although that hasn't been shown to happen as much as the former. In this form, Jak is depicted as a crazed, bloodlusted, powerful creature that can temporarily unleash massive attacks and devastating moves against anyone around him.

Jak 3

Dark Jak Jak 3

In Jak 3, Dark Jak was revealed to Damas in the Spargus Arena's first battle, and showed to Damas that Jak was useful to Spargus. Jak later gained more dark eco powers as the game progressed.

The Lost Frontier

In Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier he was seen to do it but, however, Jak is unable to transform because the large amount of highly concentrated eco in the air from eco storms would cause the transformation to be so painful it could probably kill him.



Dark Jak appears identical to the ordinary Jak, but has gray skin with a light blue tint, light gray hair, black eyes, and long black claws. These characteristics makes him appear almost inhuman. In Jak II he had demon-like horns, but in Jak 3 he didn't. Also, in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, he had eight sharp canines. But, has never been seen using neither his horns nor his teeth.


Dark Jak's stance is a very hyper battle-ready position with a hostile expression and he runs very wildly. It can also be noted that Jak's transformations into Dark Jak are mostly triggered by his anger; for example, when Veger taunted Jak about Damas's (his father's) death, he lost his temper and immediately - only for about a second - turned into Dark Jak. Daxter also noted this, warning Damas not to "piss him off" after Jak's first victory at Spargus Arena. When Jak is in Dark Jak mode, he is nearly always growling, feral, and acts in a generally aggressive and dangerous manner towards his enemies.


Name Description Activation
Strength/Claws While transformed into Dark Jak, Jak's physical attacks inflict additional damage. Attack with squareButton Square
Dark Blast Dark Jak jumps into the air and begins spinning rapidly, shooting arcs of dark eco from his body and damaging multiple enemies within range. It presumably eliminates vehicles much more effectively than the dark bomb and has a longer range. After using this attack, Jak will immediately turn back to normal and the dark eco meter will be drained completely. squareButton Square+xButton X,or Hold l1Button L1+squareButton Square
Dark Bomb An attack where Dark Jak leaps into the air and slams his fist into the ground, creating a large shockwave that deals considerable damage to any enemy caught in its radius. This attack is slightly more powerful than the Dark Blast and if you physically hit an enemy, it will do far more damage. After using this attack, Jak will immediately turn back to normal and the dark eco meter will be drained completely. xButton X+squareButton Square
Dark Strike Allows Dark Jak to shoot a large mass of concentrated dark eco at his intended target. Dark Strike is often used to break down obstacles. This attack is powerful and has a very long range. It's so powerful that, if the aiming is perfect and you time it just right, it can destroy a marauder vehicle in two hits. It also slows time to a crawl as you charge the shot.
Available in Jak 3 only.
Hold r1Button R1 and release when ready
Dark Giant Dark Jak grows three times his size. In his Dark Giant state he can run faster, jump higher and further, and deal even more damage to enemies than usual. If Dark Bomb or Dark Blast is used in this form, they become even more powerful; Dark Bomb covers a greater area and the bolts unleashed during Dark Blast stretch as far as the eye can see. Using this power drains the dark eco meter more quickly than the others.
Jak II only
l2Button L2 again when in Dark Jak
Invincibility This power gives Dark Jak immunity to damage as long as he stays in that form and doesn't fall off a high ledge, get squished, etc.
Jak II only
With cheat, always active
Shadow Invisibility Allows Jak to become invisible for a short amount of time through the use of special statues found in the desert/monk temples. This can also be activated with the triangle button through a secrets cheat. The form lasts longer when using this method. This power does not grant very much invisibility because the user still casts a shadow and a transparent look, but it is enough to make him pass through the temple challenges without being spotted. While invisible, if shot, Dark Jak/Jak could take damage, but if it is a melee attack it goes through Jak. Even though Jak is invisible enemies still seem to follow Jak if he runs.
Jak 3 only
Activate dark idol as Jak
triangleButton Triangle as Dark Jak (with cheat)

Other appearances


  • Dark Jak's demonic appearance contrasts from Light Jak's angelic form.
  • In "Jak 2", the dark eco meter needs to be filled completely in order to transform into Dark Jak. In "Jak 3", Dark Jak is available as long as there is an amount of dark eco filling the meter.
  • Interestingly, in Jak II, the time you can remain as Dark Jak is measured by a time limit, while in Jak 3, it is measured by using Dark Jak's abilities.
  • In Jak 3 Dark Strike can also be named Dark Punch.
  • Dark Jak's appearance changes throughout the games: in Jak 2 when Jak transforms in the first cutscene his hair and goatee have a grey tint and he has no horns. But, when Jak transforms in the second mission his hair is purely white, his goatee is purple, and he has two black horns sticking out of his head. In Jak 3, Dark Jak has dark grey hair and goatee during gameplay and he also has no horns. (It could be because of the balance in powers created by light eco.) But, in at least one cutscene when Jak obtains the Dark Strike his hair is actually white.
  • As the inverse of Light Jak, when Daxter stands on Dark Jak's shoulder, he can be seen standing hunched over with his fur on edge and a wide, evil-looking grin.
  • Oddly, arcs of dark eco in the form of purple lightning radiate from Jak in this form, and tend to "latch" onto/radiate nearby targets (sometimes foes can get jolted a bit), and more of this radiation is unleashed during the Dark Blast attack. This implies not only Jak's feral state is not the only hazard to anyone approaching him, but massive dark eco radiation makes simply approaching Dark Jak dangerous as well.
    • It is unknown how Dax is unaffected by this. However, it may be because Daxter is infused with dark eco as well.


Dark Jak and Light Jak
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