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Dark Blast is a dark power used by Dark Jak during Jak II and Jak 3 as the second power obtained as a result of Baron Praxis' dark eco experiments. Dark Jak gets this power after bringing 200 skull gems to the Oracle at its hut in Jak II. In Jak 3, Jak is automatically able to use this after the first Arena fight.


Dark Blast comes after Dark Bomb and is considered superior to the Dark Bomb as it has better targeting and a larger range. This move is based on Jak's uppercut attack (by pressing Square+X, or by pressing X from a crouching vault (L1). Dark Blast releases an arc of dark eco bolts, passing through its subjects, often picking them up and blasting them away with streaks of dark energy following them.

Dark Blast has a very large range, attacking anything within radar. It is better suited for airborne enemies, opposed to ground enemies who are better suited for Dark Bomb. Though much like the Bomb, it doesn't work very well against Metal Kor or certain very strong enemies.

Similar to the Dark Bomb, when this move is executed, the game screen slows for a second showing the effects of the attack. After this move is executed, it drains Jak's dark eco meter (of which he needs a full one to execute it, unlike Jak 3 where it only needs a large portion).